Voicemail User Guide

Accessing your mailbox


•    Dial (555).

•    The mailbox will respond and ask you to enter your password, as default this will be set to (1234).

•    On entering the correct password, the mailbox informs you of its current status.



Accessing your mailbox externally


•    Call your Direct Dial Number.

•    When you hear your greeting, press (*) followed by your password.

•    The system might ask your for your mailbox number, if so enter your extension number or group number.



Navigating through your mailbox


•      1 = Scroll back an option.

•      2 = Repeat message.

•      3 = Scroll forward an option.

•      8 = Change from day greeting to night greeting.

•      0 = Delete message, change settings and start recording.


Changing your greeting


•    Gain access to your mailbox by following the above.

•    Press the (3) key twice until you hear the system indicating ‘first greeting’ or ‘day greeting’.

•    The system will repeat your current outgoing message.   As default this will say ‘This is the voice mailbox of
extension 11’.

•    Press the (0) key to start your recording.

•    When you finish your recording, Press (#).

•    To check your greeting dial your ext from another ext this allows you to hear what your mailbox sounds like to
other callers.



Changing your password

If you would like to change your password, proceed as follows:


•    Gain access to your mailbox by following the above.

•    Scroll through the mailbox using the (3) key until you hear the system indicating ‘password for mailbox quires

•    Press the (0) key to change your password.

•    Enter your new 4 digit code.


Memorise your password as this is the only code that will allow you access to your mailbox!


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